UGH! It’s just one of those times that we feel when things are just not in the right direction. Life can get pretty hard sometimes and I wonder why? why can’t just be so easy you know? Not going to lie It’s pretty easy to get depressing nowadays and I hope this post does the exact opposite! Remember things don’t always workout the way that we want them to and that’s okay because we are not perfect and life is not either. It comes with full of possibilities and hurdles we need to overcome to get them. So always remember there is a silver lining somewhere you just need to look closely to see it. Watch the full video on my Instagram!

What to do this 4th of July

What to do this 4th of July?

I can’t believe it’s already 4th of July and next thing we know summer will be over soon, but right now let’s focus on this long weekend. You either have something planned or nothing at all which I don’t judge 🙂  Regardless what you have planned or not planned, hopefully this post will give you some ideas in terms of what you could do or what you could wear this 4th of July.


Weather is going to be really nice, so it’s would be perfect to lie on the beach and get tan while sipping some margaritas. Nearest beaches you could go in New York City are Brighton Beach, Far Rockaway Beach and lastly Manhattan Beach. All of these are accessible with the subway and would not take you more than an hour to get there depending where you coming from. Personally I love Far Rockaway Beach although it takes a while to get there from where I live, it is totally worth it. It is very clean comparing to the other two and it has a huge food court with tacos, burgers, wings and good boozes. I also linked a few outfit ideas for this short beach trip below!


Another thing you could do is to sleep until 3 in the afternoon and get ready for a crazy and wild night in the city. I have got a few ideas for you depending on what you are in the mood for and if you actually want to dress up. I think rooftop parties are so fun especially in New York. You have got great view and boozes, it’s just a totally different experience. Try this Rooftop Party in Hudson Terrace and make sure to read the description carefully because sometimes they are extra picky with the dress code like last time they didn’t let us in because I was wearing white shoes. Here a few more parties;  Pre-4th of July and Open Bar and BBQ Party.  Outfit ideas also linked below!




Shine on

Life is not always just cupcakes and rainbows, sometimes it’s just complicated. I wish I could tell you that things are always going to be okay, but I would be lying. So I hope this short animation that I made with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Sketch would cheer you up and hopefully keep you going.

Remember nothing comes easy and the things that come easy probably not worth your time. Good things just take time. Life is all about timing. Just let your light shine so bright that nothing else comes in your way and stops you from what you are doing. After all it is all about the journey, enjoy every moment of it!

Merry Christmas

Holiday that we all have been waiting is finally here. In order to celebrate this holiday, I made a special motion video. This video is a complex combination of many things. First thing I made is the particles. This particles made with the help of Particular in Adobe After Effects. Then I have added a camera layer to bring some life to these particles. The final footage shows them as 3D objects from various angles. Last I imported my handwritten typography which made in Adobe Sketch by using my phone. Check out the final footage on my Instagram!

Happy Christmas!

Sun Please!

Past couple of days, NYC has been very gloomy. All I have been wanting these whole time was just some sunlight. In order to get myself to do something because truth to be told I was not in the mood to take a picture or go outside at all, I ended up sketching something on my own. For this simple calligraphy, I used two mobile apps; Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch. They are very powerful together when you combine them. They are like simplified versions of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Check them out when you feeling inspired or just want to doodle!