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Fall Outfit Ideas

Fall is officially here! YAY time for pumpkin carving lol Although its October, weather still seems to stay warm which means outfitting gets confusing. It’s honestly one of those times you wear a t-shirt it’s cold and you wear a sweater it’s f*king hot. Just being real here cuz that’s what it has been happening to me lately. In this post, I’m going to show you guys what you can do to avoid this situation. I will link a few options down below with the carousel along with the link to my actual outfit that was shown above. 

First thing first I would advice you guys to stay away from hoodies for now. Not going to lie, I love hoodies, but this weather in NYC right now is not necessarily meant for that unless you are in a place like SF go for it! What I do now is pair a tee or very light long sleeve shirt with jeans or sweatpants. It’s the most safe and comfortable option at the moment.

Another thing you can do is just have a plain tank or just something super basic with a cute light jacket. I mean really light jacket though because if it is a little warm you are going to be in the same situation like the hoodie. Imagine being in that situation in NYC subway, I assure you it’s not pleasant. I personally love denim jackets. They are so stylish and light, so it almost feels like you are not wearing any jacket at all. It’s super comfy too. Check some down below.






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