custom supplements
Supplements You Need To Try
Yes, you actually do need supplements, and let me tell you why. Overall we need nutrients to exercise such as protein, creatine, and others. Other reasons include is our metabolism especially as we get older our body slows down hence need an extra pick me up. Think of supplements like fertilizer for plants it's not…
Staying at TWA Hotel
Staying at TWA Hotel At JFK Airport With Runway View
I always wanted to check out TWA hotel at JFK airport but never had the chance. So this time we went all in and splurged for the runway view and showing you guys everything from the lobby, lounge, cocktail bar, gym, and even the heated pool.
Mandarin Oriental Miami
Staying at Luxurious Mandarin Oriental in Miami
So it was our anniversary and we decided to treat ourselves at Mandarin Oriental (MO) in the downtown Miami area (Brickell Key.) This hotel's location is quite unique as it is not loud like downtown Miami since it is separated from it by a bridge. This area is essentially a small residential island yet within…
Bergdorf Goodman
How To Stay Out Of Debt While Enjoying Life
In today's economy at one point in your life, you're bound to take out a loan for something. It would be either for college, home, car, and the list goes on. This is not just for low or middle income, you would be surprised to hear how many wealthy people actually take out a loan…
Story time
Story Time: Brand Refused To Pay Me For My Work
Story time content! I have been wanting to share more things with you guys that happen behind the scenes so I thought this would be the one. I honestly went back and forth between if I should even bother to make this video, but more I dig online and saw on TikTok how many creators…
PR Haul, Cardon, First Aid Beauty, Strivectin, Herbivore
PR Haul I FAB, Cardon, Strivectin, Herbivore & More
PR haul is back and this time there is a lot I mean like a lot of good stuff guys I promise. These are also some brands I love working with & have worked with in the past so I hope you guys like this haul. I'm also including some of my thoughts about them…
delano las vegas
Staying at Delano Las Vegas
So earlier this December we were in Vegas and we decided to hotel hop and see which one we like the best. Delano Las Vegas is the first one. We are starting from the south of the strip then we will get to the center. This hotel is very modern and the interior is pretty…
Workout Clothes from amazon
Trying Workout Clothes From Amazon
Nowadays you can literally get anything on Amazon so this time I'm trying some affordable workout clothes from Amazon. Leaving the links below.
smile brilliant dental probiotics
What is really a dental probiotic?
In a partnership with Smile Brilliant You guys might recall in the past I reviewed Smile Brilliant's custom-fitted whitening system and was impressed with the results. I'm someone who has sensitive teeth and was concerned if it would ever work out for me but it really did. You can definitely read more about it in that post,…
Rent in NYC
What Is It Like To Rent In NYC
So in this blog, we have talked quite a bit of everything when it comes to real estate, but I realized I have mostly touched based on the buying market. Although buying a property would be more worthwhile at the end of the day, the current market says otherwise. There is just so much demand…
Supplements You Need To Try