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Comfy Hoodies That You Need Get Your Hands-On
Comfy Hoodies That You Need Get Your Hands-On
If someone asked me what's the comfiest piece of clothing that you would wear and will be wearing every year I would say "hoodies" duh. They are all year round kinda clothing. Don't get me wrong obviously you can't wear hoodies under 90-degree weather unless you are James Charles then go on lol Jokes aside…
October Playlist
October is here you guys! Can't believe its already fall. New York is already pretty cold and I am not ready. It's time to turn up the beat and heat ourselves up with these new beats. This playlist includes some of the newest and a few remixes from last month's releases. It also includes Mi…
Denims to try this fall
When the leaves start to fall on the ground, it's time to think about fall. We just said goodbye to summer last Friday and I am devastated. Where's my tissue box and how soon can I moved to Cali :( However,I am also super excited to layer up for fall. Think about it; walking around with…
Sweatshirt season is back
sweatshirt season is back I can't believe I am saying this, but guys fall is pretty much here. That means sweatshirt season is back! For this post I picked out my favorites, so you can style them any way you want regardless you are going to look stylish with them. Although some might disagree with sweats being stylish, these items below would totally change your mind.