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  • Matcha Gracias

    Matcha Gracias

    This is my last post of this year, so I wanted to make it count. In this post I will show you guys how to make a simple stop-motion animation with just using a single image. Let’s get started! First thing first you open up the photoshop on your desktop or on your dock. Go […]

  • UGH!


    UGH! It’s just one of those times that we feel when things are just not in the right direction. Life can get pretty hard sometimes and I wonder why? why can’t just be so easy you know? Not going to lie It’s pretty easy to get depressing nowadays and I hope this post does the […]

  • What to do this 4th of July

    What to do this 4th of July

    I can’t believe it’s already 4th of July and next thing we know summer will be over soon, but right now let’s focus on this long weekend. You either have something planned or nothing at all which I don’t judge 🙂  Regardless what you have planned or not planned, hopefully this post will give you […]

  • Shine on

    Shine on

    Life is not always just cupcakes and rainbows, sometimes it’s just complicated. I wish I could tell you that things are always going to be okay, but I would be lying. So I hope this short animation that I made with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Sketch would cheer you up and hopefully keep you going. Remember nothing […]

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Holiday that we all have been waiting is finally here. In order to celebrate this holiday, I made a special motion video. This video is a complex combination of many things. First thing I made is the particles. This particles made with the help of Particular in Adobe After Effects. Then I have added a camera […]

  • Sun Please!

    Sun Please!

    Past couple of days, NYC has been very gloomy. All I have been wanting these whole time was just some sunlight. In order to get myself to do something because truth to be told I was not in the mood to take a picture or go outside at all, I ended up sketching something on […]