bathroom design

glass doors

Glass doors almost make any place more welcoming but most importantly will make your bathroom brighter. It lets more light in so it will make the place feel so airy and open.


I know not all of us have big bathrooms, but even with small ones, you can make a spa-like experience. Either with some bath salts on the shelves or a speaker in the corner for when you take a bath.

light it up

Lighting actually makes a huge difference, especially in bathrooms with no skylight or window. So find some lights to set the mood to emphasize the aesthetic that you're looking for.

mix tiles

Tiles are another thing most people don't pay attention to, but they really make bathrooms stand out and add character. So don't just stick to one, mix it up and see how it looks all together.

single color

Monochromatic bathroom designs have been a hit in the past and depending on the color, style of tiles, and vanity you pick, it can actually make a cool design with a mid-century feel.

add plants

I feel like plants make a statement in any corner of a home but specifically in bathrooms, it pops out the most. I would advise probably a fake one since the lighting might not be ideal.

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