for traveling

essential things to pack

wireless headphones

Overall I would say they just come in handy wherever you go, but especially when you travel. No cords mean you can just get up from your seat and get your bag and leave the plane ASAP.

lip balm

You should be carrying this every day, to be honest, but especially when you travel since the weather condition changes quite a lot it is important to not let your lips get chapped.

lightweight jacket

This is super important especially in the winter when you are traveling. Trust me you would be hot and cold in and out of places so make sure to have a jacket since these are so easy to carry.


Any backpack would be very useful for traveling, but especially the ones with padded straps like Hershey's will come in handy. They aren't just comfortable but are also super functional. 

portable charger

This is probably a No. 1 thing I would recommend because you never know what kind of plane you would be in as it might not have a functional outlet or USB port so have it just in case. 

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