everyday carry


Cardholders are something every men would absolutely need as they are so compact yet has the capacity to carry many credit cards and IDs. Plus they don’t look bulky like regular wallets do.  


Sunglasses are must have doesn’t matter the season, I know some people might disagree, but lets not forget there is still sun in the winter so you got to protect those eyes from sun rays. Plus they look stylish on any guy. Great accessory. 


This again might be optional to some, but smart or not they make a great accessory and keep you aware of time. Ever since I got my Apple Watch I have been more aware of time and my fitness activity. 

stylus pen

I’m not talking about any stylus pen. Those 2 in 1 are the best as you can use them as a regular pen to sign things when you need or use it on tablet, iPhone or other kind of electric display. 


You’re going to thank me for this. Having a small vile of your favorite cologne with you everywhere you go will be beneficial. You can always use during the day if you need or if you forgot to use the cologne you can always have this as your backup. 

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