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grooming essentials

Don’t get me wrong disposable razors are great, but electric razors are something you can invest in once so you can use for like years. It just also makes the shaving and trimming process so easy and fast.

To be honest this is not something I use all the time as most of the time I trim rather than clean shave. However, the times I shave this comes in handy and makes it go smoothly.

I use this more than my shave cream as it helps even after trimming especially for neck area. This is where I get bumps mostly so it makes it go away and not to mention leaves the skin feeling soft.

This is actually a necessity, yet some guys still don’t seem to use. Let me clear some people might not need it, but that’s a very small percentage. This  is much better than plucking those nose hairs.

This is for guys who keep a beard doesn’t matter how long you keep it this brush will come in handy. It cleans your beard nicely and puts it into a nice clean shape.. 

If you struggle with growing your beard, you should definitely try beard oils. It helps a lot in terms of growing it very quickly and keeps it healthy looking think of it like vitamin for your beard.

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