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It is inspired by split-flat displays found in train stations and airports in Europe. You can customize the text so whenever you see it, you will be reminded of what you want to hear. A great addition to any home.

I know it is just a speaker, but it is packed with a lot of functions provided by Apple's ecosystem. If you're an Apple user, this will be a great addition to your desk or anywhere in your home, plus look great as a decor piece.

This is not like any mirror, this is kind of a mirror that will help you look your best whenever you need it. It comes with its own dumbbells and tracking system so you will be sure you're doing your sets and that your form is accurate.

This is also one of a kind TV brought to you by Samsung. It seriously looks like a frame when it is not used as it has a frame mode, but can easily turn into a TV when you want to watch your favorite TV show. It's like the best of both worlds.

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