how to cleanse

your face properly

step 1

choose the cleanser

Make sure to lather it in your hand before applying so it is easier to spread when it's on your skin and in that way you also don't end up using too much of the product.

step 2

choose the scrub

After rinsing your skin with lukewarm water, use a gentle scrub. One thing to note is depending on your skin type this step is recommended 2-3 a week as more might irritate or make your skin more sensitive. 

choose a serum

Serums contribute a lot to how your skin will look like over time so don't skip it. Again there are many types, but overall anything with hyaluronic acid or any hydrating ingredient should do the job.

step 3

choose a moisturizer

This is the last step to lock all that hydration with a good moisturizer. Any moistuizer will do, but if you're concerned about aging starting using one with retinol to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. 

step 4