on track

how to get back

have a gameplan

Essentially a make schedule of things that you will be doing in the coming weeks. Either things that you put off or the things that are important so you can do them first before doing anything else on your list.

time to hydrate

We should be hydrating at all times, but especially after being on vacation or whatever the thing that disrupted the routine. Drink plenty of water and electrolytes. The juice helps a lot too.

Get active

After a break, it takes a lot to just get back into a workout routine so start slow and don't expect that it will be the greatest session. It is important to just get started with something as simple as running.


I know this is self-explanatory, but a lot of us don't get enough sleep, especially after a vacation. So you need to prioritize what your body needs in order to adapt to the usual routine that you had back at home. 

take breaks

Getting back into a routine doesn't mean constantly working and getting stressed about how much work needs to be done. Take short breaks and make them a part of your routine so slowly you will get there.

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