trim your beard

how to properly

wash & Dry 

This is very crucial for your skin and keeping your beard healthy. Wash it off with a cleanser and dry it off gently with a towel. This is going to make the next step super effortless. 

trim all over

Before you start shaping your beard and all you need to trim it all over so everything can be on the same length. Start from the longest area and work your way to the shortest. 

set the neck line

For you to do this, you need to put your finger just above your Adam's Apple and start trimming side by side just a little almost making a line between your beard and your neck area.

Shave below the line

Now it is time to shave down that line that separates your beard and neck. Don't trim it, just shave it clean. Your beard neckline has to be this way so you can have the sharpest jawline.

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