hair removal

important tips for laser

shave before the session

Contrary to what most people think you actually do need to shave. Laser is penetrating the follicles, not the hair itself so if the hair is too long it won't be able to target it hence not effective.

avoid sauna, steam & sun

Since the laser deeply penetrates into the skin, you need to protect the surface for a little while as it needs to heal. Anything too hot like sauna and steam as well as sun needs to be avoided.

exfoliate befohand

This includes body scrubs and loofah. So make sure to do this all before as I mentioned in the earlier stage that your skin will be healing so you can't use a scrub or a loofah on it for a few weeks.

leave skin bare

When it's finally the time to go to the session, make sure to leave your skin bare. This means no moisturizer, no sunscreen nothing at all. The laser will be ineffective and patchy otherwise.

apply spf when outside

This goes without saying, but especially after the laser session stay away from the sun. If you absolutely need to go outside and can't cover the area, apply a generous amount of SPF.

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