man needs 

shoes every

athletic shoes

Even if you don't work out regularly you should have at least one athletic or running shoes in your closet. You never go when you going to need it plus they are so comfortable.

white sneakers

They are absolutely a must-have for everyone doesn't matter the gender. They make almost any outfit presentable even the basic sweatpants that you wear to go pick up your packages from your porch.

dress shoes

Trust me these are not my favorites either. I honestly dislike anything that's formal, but never know when you will need it either for an event or some important meeting that you might have to attend.

leather boots

If you live somewhere that gets all 4 seasons, you're definitely going to need these. They add an extra height and keep your feet dry. You might use them once in a while depending on how the weather is.


Some might disagree with it me on this, but trust me they are the best sandals you will have. First, you can wear them with or without socks, and unlike flip flops they make any look more stylish.

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