skincare essentials for

eye mask

It doesn't matter if you have a long or a short flight, in-flight eye masks are so helpful. They are so refreshing and easy to dispose as they are so small, unlike full face sheet masks. 


I know most people still use cleansing wipes, but I urge you to actually carry a small-sized cleanser. It's not just environmentally friendly, but also a gentler on your skin than cleansing wipes. 

lip balm

Chapsticks are so crucial not just for travel, but also as everyday carry items. This obviously depends on the climate you're in, but your lips are bound to get dry at one point so it doesn't hurt to carry one.


Hear me out I know technically ointments are moisturizers, but they work much better for cracked or wounded skin. My most favorite and by far the best one in the market is Aquaphor. It's a bit pricer than other brands but works like a charm. 


You should always pack a moisturizer whenever you travel as it is crucial for a complete skincare routine. Bonus if you don't want to bring an extra product like a serum pack a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid or AHA.


SPFs are lifesavers especially the face ones. Always pack your favorite face sunscreens for your travel and buy the body ones at your destination since they're usually over 100ml which you can't have on your carry-on anyways.

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