the best facials for

chemical peels

This is a great treatment that you can either do at home or with the esthetician. This exfoliates the skin so your top dead layer will be removed then you will have brighter and even textured skin under it.

oxygen facial

This is a really fun one and my personal favorite. The machine sprays a serum into your skin for hydration and then infuses it with pure oxygen.  

hydra facial

This facial essentially both hydrates and exfoliates the skin at the same time. It uses a suction to push the serum just like the oxygen facial except it sucks away the leftover serum each time it pushes the serum hence exfoliating the skin.


In full it is called microdermabrasion facial. It smooths out the skin texture and is mainly used for non-inflamed acne. It uses pressurized jets to remove dry and dead skin cells.

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