on the beach

The best hotels 

1 hotel 

This is located on south beach in Miami. It is in a very nice part of the beach so you have access to everything within walking distance and you can still enjoy what the hotel has to offer. 

the royal hawaiian

This is an iconic and historical hotel located on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. Every part of the hotel is very on-brand with its unique shade of pink. It is also very close to Royal Hawaiian Center.

The St. Regis

This St. Regis property is located on Bahia beach in San Juan. It offers a nice combination of resort amenities among island activities like water sports so you won't ever be bored here. 

malibu beach inn

As from the name this property is located in Malibu. It has its own private beach so you can enjoy it without the huge crowd. Malibu is a gorgeous destination so you won't be disappointed with this. 


This Marriott property is located in Myrtle Beach within Grand Dunes community. It's by far my favorite place to stay during the off-season. The amenities and the view will make your stay wortwhile.

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