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This is just a beautiful state overall, especially driving through it. Pacific Coast Highway is what makes me love road tripping so much. Starting from San Diego you will absolutely love this route.


It's not just Twilight fans that obsess over this state. Starting from Seattle to Olympic Peninsula you will have absolutely the most breathtaking views of the mountains while you drive.


Okay, I'm not talking about the whole state, but specifically Cape Cod's Route 6a. I mean this place is gorgeous even in winter, but you will see the most historic and charming villages driving by.


This entire state could be a nice to place to just drive around, especially if you love the desert and botanicals. Just cruise along Interstate 17 and if you wanna see more check Red Rock Scenic Byway.

north carolina

No wonder there is even a show about Outer Banks on Netflix. This route as in Highway 12 is gorgeous with its sand beaches, historic towns, fishing villages, and hotels right over the beach.

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