road trip stops

 the best east coast

portland head light

So assuming you're starting the road trip from all the way north, this would be a great stop to start with. Amazing scenery and not to mention great place to walk around.

NY botanical garden

I know this is not the most usual road trip stop, but it is one of those things you might want to do once. It is a great stop to spend a few hours around plants.

chesapeake house

This is probably one of the most convenient road trip stop on the east coast as it is right off the highway, but it has a nice view, food court, EV charging, and gas station.

myrtle beach

I can't express how gorgeous and peaceful this beach is. It truly represents what the south is all about and it has so many things to do and a breathtaking sunset to catch. 

 savannah cemetery

Cemeteries aren't always the place to visit, but this one is different. It's surrounded by these beautiful trees and flowers that you don't even realize it is a cemetery.

coral reef state park

As you might've guessed, this is the last stop on this coast; Key Largo, FL. This is a beautiful state park with many underwater activities to end your trip on a good note. 

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