shorts for guys

The best short 

5" shorts

This is the perfect length that I would say for the gym or just for a casual look for the summer. If you want to show what you have been working on at the gym, these are a great start.

3" shorts

These are I would say great for the gym, especially for leg days. You won't just show those thighs, but also your quads. So I assure you it will motivate you to keep going so you can fill these shorts.

2" shorts

These are the shortest short shorts I have tried, but I'm also sure I think there are 1" shorts around somewhere. This length I would say is great for beach, pool, or real hot summer days. 

mesh shorts

At first, I had mixed feelings about them but gotta be honest they are so breathable and feel like you're not even wearing anything. If you want to feel comfy and airy, these are for you.

lined  shorts

What I love about them the most is offers the ultimate support. They're not just for running, but also great for super hot days when you don't feel like wearing underwear since they have liners.

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