new orleans

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cafe beignet

This is probably one of the cutest coffee shops in the French Quarter area. In terms of food, I would say it is decent, but most people come here just for beignets. It’s mostly about the aesthetics.

curio restaurant

This restaurant offers seating on the balcony so you get a really nice view of the French Quarter. They have really cool drinks. Some drinks you need to mix like it's a potion and they change their color. 

cafe du monde

This place is quite historic so I wouldn’t say cute or anything, but definitely has a charm. They offer bakeries like beignets and some coffee. So just expect iced or regular hot coffee and with only regular milk option.


This place is so popular and always has a huge line. So expect a wait. The food is delicious, especially the oysters.  Service is pretty fast and the vibe is very much like a nightclub without the dancing part.

justine nola

This place reminded me so much of a traditional french restaurant but with a southern charm. It’s very cute and pink. The portions are small like the traditional french cuisine. It's a great place for lunch.

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