summer vacation

what to pack for a

Toiletry bag

You're going to need this whenever you travel, however, it is more crucial in the summer due to all the products we need to carry in order to protect our skin so we can have a pleasant vacation.


I hope by now you know how important it is to pack an SPF. At least pack 2-3 SPF for the face and you can buy body ones when you get to your destination unless you check your bag then pack those too.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I should include it because sometimes we need a reminder. Make sure to just pack 1 good one that is versatile so you can use it for every occasion and every attire.


I'm not saying you should go buy a GoPro, but if you're an adventurous type like me then you're going to love it. It's small and waterproof so easily can take to anywhere to record your journeys.


Some of us underestimate how important it's to drink water, especially on vacation. Iced coffee and margaritas aren't going to cut it. If you forget to bring one, just buy a glass water bottle and reuse it. 

beach bag

This one's super important and a lot of us forget to pack. You can use the backpack you take to the airport, but let's be real who wants that bag to get sandy. Just pack a light, but a durable tote bag.

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