denim jacket

They are my absolute favorites. It's not really meant for super cold days but with a warm hoodie under it you can really pull it off. It gives off a nice casual and fresh vibe.

over size hoodie

First of all, they are trendy and second, they are comfy. You will never be disappointed and will always keep you warm and stylish. Super versatile so you can pair it with pretty much anything. 


They can really change your outfit. You can either add a pop of color with it or complete an OOTD that you thought was missing something. It can be used with casual or semi-formal outfits.

puffer jacket

They are such statement pieces depending on the color or fabric you pick but overall it's a must-have. It will not just keep you warm but will make people look at you twice.

winter boots

I know they could be heavy and not so easy to put on, but when you have an inch of snow, you're going to need them. Plus, some will add a little height so you will look taller. 

Base Layer

Layering is key in winter so having a base layer will not only keep you warm but will save you from sweating on your expensive hoodies or cashmere sweaters.