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What You Need To Know To Become A Full-Time Model in NYC

What You Need To Know To Become A Full-Time Model in NYC

Today I have a very special guest on Wild & Basic. She’s a model. She’s been modeling for quite a while. Her name is Erica Saint Wiltz aka @itsdaddylonglegs. This is how she started modeling when she was very young and how she made her way to NYC.

How did you get into modeling?

So when I was a child, I was tall, lanky, awkward. And people around me would say, Oh, you should model. I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana. So there’s no real market there. But I started off doing some local things, local fashion shows, things of that nature. And I always say when I turn 18, I’m going to move I’m going to come about I’m going to do this full time. And so that’s literally what I did. I got my first agent just from going to open calls in Miami. My first agency was Wilhelmina in Miami, and I was there for about a year and that’s pretty much where my career got started.

Was it hard getting an agent?

So getting an agent wasn’t hard. A lot of people think you need this huge portfolio. You just need a few snapshots. And that’s what I did. I literally went around with a few printed snapshots of myself. And, you know, got signed. And then I was like, Oh, yeah, that’s it. I’m in here. I made it right. They would like, send me out to these castings. And they would all be like on the beach like on South Beach, Miami. Go to these beautiful hotels all day every day. In flip flops. We change shoes for the client, of course, a lot of swimwear. Even if they aren’t casting for swimwear, you have to have a bikini on you at all times in Miami.

How do you deal with rejection?

You really have to, like separate yourself from your emotions. You can’t attach your self-worth or how you feel about yourself or your confidence in what jobs you get. It could be like that you know what, nevermind, we changed our mind we want blonde, well, I can never do that. So that’s just you know, it’s nothing against me. Sometimes you can literally be too attractive for a job. I know, this sounds crazy, but you could literally be too conventionally attractive…

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