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Cotton Candy Life

It’s been a while since I visited Coney Island so we thought it would be a very fun place to visit again and take some interesting pictures. We weren’t disappointed. Coney is one of those places in New York that you will never be tired of. Every single corner is colorful and full of life. Pretty much everything there is Instagram worthy.

I brought two outfits for this trip, but this was the one I thought I could make a blog post mainly because I ended up matching with a cotton candy. Here is the story! After I changed my outfit, we started walking around to find a spot to shoot, I came across a cotton candy in one of the food stands next to Nathan’s and I was like “THIS IS IT 🙂 ”

Hope you guys like this cute cotton candy inspired look. Everything linked below and except the short shorts all of them are the exact items. Short Shorts were sold out unfortunately 🙁  Make sure to get one of these comfy hoodies for yourself for this summer cuz it’s very light so perfect to wear for a breezy night or windy day in the city with a color of your choice!



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