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Things To Do In San Diego

If you haven’t visited San Diego before and want to visit at one point, this is the guide for you. We tried our best to explore as much as possible while the weather let us. Below I will mention and show you guys a few places that we visited that I would 100% recommend you check out if you decide to visit San Diego. Hotels and rental cars are actually not too expensive in San Diego so make sure to do your research to get the best deal. I would recommend checking out websites like Expedia to see all the options.

San Diego California Temple

This is such a cool place honestly so dreamy. It reminds me so much Disneyland. It’s a church after all, but I give them a point for their architecture. It’s just really fascinating. While we were there, there were other people taking picture even some people were taking their wedding pictures here. Garden and the whole architecture certainly worth checking out. Also you can park inside the temple so no need to park on the street and use the meter. Only downside is you can’t actually go inside unless you are a member of the church.

Le Parfait Paris

Le Parfait Paris is a great place for breakfast and lunch. We got there little late due to parking so we only tried them for lunch. We ordered a sandwich and eggs Benedict with some coffee. Food was delicious and coffee was tasty. They even put them in original Nespresso cups so the whole thing was very well presented. The decor inside this cute French bakery is really worth to visit. It certainly feels like a little Paris.

Seaport Village

It’s located in the harbor of San Diego with some restaurants and cute shops. You can go on a boat, snap pics of the harbor or just take a ride in the neighborhood by renting a scooter from Lime, Bird & Jump that is almost every corner of San Diego. There are a lot of hotels nearby too such as Embassy Suites, Hyatt and Marriott. If you get hungry you can stop at Cheesecake factory, Seaport Grill and many other restaurants. Only downside is parking can get a little difficult depending on the time of the day. At nights it can get very crowded so you might have to park a few blocks before the harbor.

Black’s Beach

This place is so breathtaking. It’s secluded, quiet and most importantly has an amazing view. Before I get you excited I should tell you that this is a nude beach so you know before you head over here. However, it’s not like it is required so its just a clothing optional kinda beach. Another thing you should be prepared for is the hike. This beach is all the down the hill so you have to park your car in the hill and hike down. Although it might look a little scary in the beginning I assure you it’s not bad at all. It even has stairs on the trail so you should be all set. Just make sure to wear some good hiking shoes other than that you are all set.

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is another nice beach to check out in San Diego area. It’s almost exact opposite of Black’s Beach it is very crowded and commercial. It has the Hotel del Coronado and bunch of other attractions in the area. It’s a kid friendly beach if you are planning to visit with a family. Parking can take a little while, but you can find it just take a look around couple times someone might be leaving and the best part is its free so totally worth it lol

There are a few things I didn’t mention above, so if you want more guidance or just wanna see more watch my San Diego travel guide below.

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Things To Do In San Diego