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A Simple Touch of Design

A simple touch

A simple touch

A simple touch

As many of you can tell, I am not a big fan of accessories. I do wear them occasionally when my outfit desperately requires, but most of the time I keep it simple and don’t add anything. However, anything with unique design can certainly change this fact. Because who am I kidding, I live for design.

Although I have a very colorful and bold style when it comes to styling and art, I do appreciate simplicity time to time. Depending on what I wear or what I make, sometimes that little simple component makes a huge difference and this is how I came across Orikami. A concept store that makes unique and simple products for home decor, toys, gadgets and jewelry.

Because I wanted to go with a very simple addition to my outfit, I chose a tiny lightning necklace. I am not going to lie one of the reasons I chose it because I am still super obsessed with ‘Flash’, but also I liked how simple it was. If you ever want to add something little or minimal to your home or your outfit, check them out and maybe you will find your favorite TV show necklace too:)

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