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Nordstrom Rack
Summer Outfit Ideas under $100
In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, & Stylinity Can't believe I'm saying this, but yeah Summer is finally here. Things are seriously heating up, NYC is getting super hot which means its time to head to the mall or just start shopping for the new season. I partnered with Nordstrom Rack & HauteLook to show you…
Sneaker Obsession
My sneaker obsession
I know what you going to say? Murs, you need help! I know I probably do. Over the years, I realized I have been buying more and more sneakers. I mean I always loved wearing them cuz they are just more comfortable than regular shoes. There was another aspect though which I was hiding from…
Fluffy and Comfy
Looking for a comfy outfit that doesn't make you look like you just woke up from the bed? This post is for YOU. I'm showing you the latest look I put together and it's one of my favorites. I am seriously obsessed. It's a perfect outfit for anyone who's feeling lazy, but also want to look…
Denims to try this fall
When the leaves start to fall on the ground, it's time to think about fall. We just said goodbye to summer last Friday and I am devastated. Where's my tissue box and how soon can I moved to Cali :( However,I am also super excited to layer up for fall. Think about it; walking around with…
Sweatshirt season is back
sweatshirt season is back I can't believe I am saying this, but guys fall is pretty much here. That means sweatshirt season is back! For this post I picked out my favorites, so you can style them any way you want regardless you are going to look stylish with them. Although some might disagree with sweats being stylish, these items below would totally change your mind.
Mix it up with Neutrals
Neutrals for life Neutrals for life Neutrals for life You guys already know how obsessed I am with color and how I always try to keep my feed and all my social media channels very bright and playful. So, this time I wanted to add a little twist and mix it up with some neutrals. I picked out a few of my favorites from Topman to complete this look. Check them out below along with some other neutrals that I have picked out!
Quality over Quantity delivered by DSTLD
Quality over Quantity Quality over Quantity Quality over Quantity Quality over Quantity Quality over Quantity Quality is something that sometimes we tend to ignore. We don't pay attention what the product is actually made of or how it feels when we try it on rather we pay attention to what it looks like.  It is certainly crucial to pick a clothing item that is visually appealing, but if the quality is poor that it's only a matter of time before someone throws it away. DSTLD is one of brands that I was not really familiar with and I have to say, I am late in the game. Felt like I have been living under a rock this whole time :) When I tried on their white tee, felt like I was not wearing anything. It's super light and I would say a little see-through. It's perfect for the summer! It is super soft like the pillow on your bed. It comes in a few colors like black, grey and charcoal and variations such as crew neck, modern neck and long sleeve. The jeans that I was wearing felt really comfortable as well. It fits great and again feels super soft. I personally love the faded black color because the fade kind of brings an ombre feel to this pants, but there are various options and colors to choose from. Skinny, Slim, Straight and Raw, you have got at least one fit to try for yourself!
Spring Outlook
Spring is ahead of us and thanks to global warming it looks like it's coming sooner than we expected. In order to help you out, I put together a casual look for you to try after gym or any casual activity that you might be doing during this spring. The Windbreaker jacket I picked out is from…
Denim on denim
Introducing you denim on denim in this post. I am very excited because I am showing you this style with my shorts. Yes, in the middle of January. Thanks to global warming this Thursday I got a chance to take off everything I was wearing. I meant most of the things I hated wearing like my coat, boots…