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My sneaker obsession

I know what you going to say? Murs, you need help! I know I probably do. Over the years, I realized I have been buying more and more sneakers. I mean I always loved wearing them cuz they are just more comfortable than regular shoes. There was another aspect though which I was hiding from my parents whenever I tell them I needed new shoes. It was the design, the look ,the color or the trend at the moment.

If you have been paying attention last couple years even high-end brands like Gucci, Balenciaga and Off-White are taking advantage of this demand and making cool sneakers. Balenciaga certainly nailed this and it became the next big thing. It was trending at one point and it still is very relevant. A lot of brands started copying this chunky design sneakers and selling them a lot cheaper. I for one wanted to get one, but wasn’t really invested on spending close to a grand for sneakers. Although I was able to find something very similar from Kooples for about $300. Not bad right? I mean comparing to Balenciaga which is about $900 it is a very good deal. One thing I would say with these shoes though which I also heard from my friends who have Balenciaga’s they are very heavy and not super comfortable. Don’t get me wrong I still love them, but wouldn’t recommend to wear it on a daily basis.

Another style that I have been eyeing probably for about a year now are the Yeezies. If you guys don’t know Yeezy is a sub-brand designed by a rapper Kanye West in a collaboration with Adidas. Like Balenciagas they are also considered very high-end. At first not going to lie, I hated most of the designs like the frost yellow, zebra and etc. However with the last drop which was the butter campaign they totally grabbed my attention. I loved the simplicity and the light touch of color. Then they also introduced the Yeezy Boost 700 aka Wave Runner. I just said to myself I need to get this. They just look so bad ass. Wasn’t too in love with the brown one and thank god I waited cuz they came up with V2 which was more expensive, but so worth it. It’s grey with interesting wave lines on the top and a simple white layer on the bottom. Its kinda metallic so as you walk you could see the way it shines. It’s really bad ass. I 100% recommend them.

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