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  • My Influencer journey for the past couple of years

    My Influencer journey for the past couple of years

    Over the past few years, a lot has changed. I learned so much about myself but what also changed was my growth as an influencer. When I was starting my journey back in 2017 things were pretty new. I wasn’t sure if this is something that I would do full-time or let alone consider as […]

  • Design Inspiration

    Design Inspiration

    Having designers block? Trust me been there and still there jk lol We all go through this so no need to worry, you just need to get inspired again and only way you can get inspired is by looking at other cool designs and find something in them for yourself. Sometimes some small detail in […]

  • Fort Tilden Photo Diary

    Fort Tilden Photo Diary

    If you guys looking for a quite beach in the city, Fort Tilden is the one. Unlike other beaches, it very quite and most importantly clean. There is so much you can explore here with cute food stands and live music. Not to mention so many opportunities for the gram. On top of that it […]

  • Fall Outfit Ideas

    Fall Outfit Ideas

    Fall is officially here! YAY time for pumpkin carving lol Although its October, weather still seems to stay warm which means outfitting gets confusing. It’s honestly one of those times you wear a t-shirt it’s cold and you wear a sweater it’s f*king hot. Just being real here cuz that’s what it has been happening […]

  • Pinknic Festival

    Pinknic Festival

    You guys guessed it right I went to the most colorful festival of the summer. Now I’m going to show you guys the gallery of my time at Pinknic Festival and you can also watch my vlog below if you want to see more. It’s my first time there so I didn’t know what to […]

  • Summery Wallpapers To Show Off Your iPhone

    Summery Wallpapers To Show Off Your iPhone

    Summer is almost here you guys and I’m so excited to kick it of by showing you the best wallpapers to put on your iPhone screens. They are so colorful and full of life, so even if you are not having a good day, these will definitely cheer you up and get you excited for […]

  • Story Highlights Tutorial

    Story Highlights Tutorial

    Hi guys, so this time I’m giving you guys a tutorial on how to make your own custom instagram story highlights cover for your profile. I’m including a free PSD template down below so you can make your own with no hassle. All you need to do is find an icon which I recommend flaticon.com […]