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  • What To Wear On Vacation – Beach Edition

    What To Wear On Vacation – Beach Edition

    Vacation is the only time of the year we want to let things loose and just enjoy the moment. Unlike many other trips that we take in the year, this one is quite special. It is for us to recharge and get back to our daily routine. Which means whatever we choose to wear it […]

  • Summer Outfit Ideas under $100

    Summer Outfit Ideas under $100

    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but yeah Summer is finally here. Things are seriously heating up, NYC is getting super hot which means its time to head to the mall or just start shopping for the new season. I partnered with Nordstrom Rack & HauteLook to show you guys how you can spice things up […]

  • Best swimsuits for Summer 2018

    Best swimsuits for Summer 2018

    I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to summer  i can’t stop talking about swimsuits. First I love wearing them just because, secondly they just fit and look so much better than regular shorts . Sometimes I just wear them out of convenience since it also doesn’t require me to wear undies […]

  • 10 Best Sunglasses for Summer 2018

    10 Best Sunglasses for Summer 2018

    It’s officially the first day of the summer. I’m so excited kick of this day with a new blog post for you guys. I know I have been a little inconsistent with my blog posts lately, but I promise I’m gonna fix it. Without further ado I will get to it since you guys here […]

  • Summer OOTD

    Summer OOTD

    Summer is honestly the most weird time of the year. Sometimes it just so great and sometimes not so great. One day we are so happy that it’s sunny and warm because we get to go to B-E-A-C-H and only outfit we need is swimsuit. And some days we are running to work and dripping […]

  • 5 Face Masks to try this summer

    5 Face Masks to try this summer

    This post I am talking about another great product that you could use for your face besides my earlier post with Evian. I got a chance to try out When masks and I have to say it is pretty good. Each one of them made for different purposes so there is definitely something for everyone. It […]