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Best swimsuits for Summer 2018

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to summer  i can’t stop talking about swimsuits. First I love wearing them just because, secondly they just fit and look so much better than regular shorts . Sometimes I just wear them out of convenience since it also doesn’t require me to wear undies lol I know I’m that person!

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Anyways below I’m going to put my top 10 favorite swimsuits from different brands and each of them are various styles so you will find something you like. My  personal favorite is obviously the one I’m wearing above. It’s adidas originals swim trunks  that I got from Bloomingdales. Full disclosure when I was buying them I actually didn’t know they were swim shorts even after I tried them on I didn’t realize it until I wore it the next day. I was too distracted by how cute they were 🙂 Comment below with your favorite!


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