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Back to School Style Guide

Summer is almost over guys and before we know it school will be in session. #BackToSchool #NoMoreFun #JK Regardless we need to get ourselves situated for this semester. First things first what are we going to wear and what kind of accessories we can use so it somehow would also be useful for our daily school routine. Let’s get this back to school style guide started!


Let’s start with accessories. One thing that we are going to carry around all semester or even a year long if we get lucky is our backpack. We need to choose one that’s very strong, yet somewhat stylish so we don’t look ridiculous. Check out some my favorites below!

Another thing we need to focus on is time. This is probably the most important thing we need to manage because if we don’t do a good job we might either miss our first class or even our first pop quiz. Just saying time management is the key in school. Check out some of these smart watches to manage your time wisely. I got an Apple Watch as a gift and LOVE it, but honestly there are many other watches that you can get under $400 with similar features. 


Our outfit is pretty much means everything. It changes the way we feel about ourselves and how other people sees us and how the professor sees us (didn’t mean in a weird way) but like generally imagine if we were wearing crocs that definitely would make a certain impression in front of everyone’s eyes. Just don’t ever wear crocs to school or anywhere lol

So below I’m linking some of my favorite items for summer/fall season that are perfectly appropriate to wear around campus. These are obviously just suggestions, so make sure to add your own little touch. 

These are all the things I thought are essential to get you pumped up and ready for this semester. Good luck!

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