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Traveling To Hawaii During Covid & Everything You Need To Know

Big Island

Here is the entire experience of me traveling to Hawaii during covid. I have made lots of videos of my trip to Hawaii so I will link the playlist below so you guys can binge-watch the whole series. We initially traveled to Big Island. I have to say this island isn’t the most developed although it is big hence the name. The airport seems pretty small and mostly open roof so be sure to have your sunscreen with you at all times because those checkpoint lines can be slow and you might end up with a very awkward tan at the beginning of your vacation.

The resort we stayed at was Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. It was a pretty cute resort hotel with a lot of amenities like hot-tubs, a regular pool and infinity pool, and access to the beach. It had a restaurant downstairs which serves lunch and dinner. This part is very close to the pool area so when you are even tanning there you can order drinks and food so pretty convenient. For breakfast, you need to head upstairs which is the first floor where you check in just a different part facing the ocean. This part is pretty nice and there are comfy couches with little tables. Food wasn’t the best, but the drinks were pretty good. Make sure you look at this site to get tours to exotic islands.

We explored this island quite a bit. It wasn’t as doable I would say as everything is pretty far from each other. So you definitely need to rent a car. I’m not sure if uber would be even accessible here and even if it is most likely would be super expensive.

We went to Volcanoes National Park and that was like 2 hours away from the hotel. Almost everything is like 1 hour away unless you just want to stay in the resort or the little shopping center in the area. If you want to go to Target or Walmart for some errands, that is about an hour away. So do take these into consideration when you want to explore this island as there is so much empty land and infrastructure is only in certain parts of the island. Fun to explore, but if you are here for only a few days it might be quite exhausting. You might be better off just enjoying the Waikoloa beach and near area.

Honolulu (Oahu)

We explored a lot more places in Honolulu. This is the most popular city in Oahu and it does feel very much like a city, unlike Big Island. It is very much like Miami and Los Angeles. Some parts really resemble that. You would have to be there to understand what I mean especially Waikiki Beach. This part is where we stayed and it is very touristy very much like South Beach in Miami. A lot of restaurants and shops around. Pretty accessible no need for a car or anything.

We went to a japanese temple and some other touristy spots like Kailua Beach Park. It is very easy to drive like 30 minutes or so. It was not bad at all. I would recommend just renting a car for this as it would be easier and you can just do it for a day. I used Turo for this and it was a pretty good experience. The host brought the car in front of our hotel and he also picked it up from there as well so very easy. However, I would say refrain from having a car in Waikiki Beach area as most street parking is taken and hotels actually don’t have self-parking so you would have to do valet.

Check out the playlist below for my entire Hawaii experience. I pretty much vlogged everything so make sure to check the titles to watch the specific video you want or binge watch if you got time lol

Overall though I would definitely recommend visiting Hawaii even during a pandemic it was totally worth it and everyone follows the rules there unlike Miami so pretty safe I would say.

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